Lowzone Pressure Care Mobility Cushion

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Lowzone Pressure Care Mobility Cushion

Lowzone Pressure Care Mobility Cushion

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Lowzone Pressure Care Mobility Cushion

Is an effective pressure reduction, for people who are Medium risk to pressure sores. Lowzone is a temperature sensitive memory foam with a high fluid like conformity which gives excellent pressure distribution.

Firm Support
Contact temperature causes the foam to soften at the foam/body interface while maintaining firm support further away. Reducing sheer, this in turn improves posture and comfort for the user.

Improved Stability
Lowzones high memory means that it only returns very slowly to its original shape after compression, eliminating bounce while improving stability and absorbing shock.

All cushion covers include a protective flap over the zip to reduce the incidence of cross contamination. A splash proof liner has also been included to protect the integrity of the foam. Zips on the covers allow them to be easily removed for cleaning.

All covers can be machine washed up to 60 degrees. No laundering is required of waterproof covers as they can be simply be wiped over using water and a natural detergent.

Lowzone is a high density foam with an 'extra severe' durability classification giving it an extended life. (2 year guarantee.)

Lowzone cushions are simplicity itself. Made of sandwich construction that can be used any way up and any way round in wheelchairs and all other seating arrangements.

Available in 2" or 3" heights and various sizes. If your size is not listed a made to measure service is available. (please mention size required on comments part of order form)

Lowzone Gel Mobility Cushion for persons who are Medium to High Risk of pressure sores.
Excellent pressure distribution. The ingenious fluid displacement system acts by spreading body weight evenly across the sitting surface. This accommodation changes in pressure and reduces sheer forces caused by pressure gradients. The Lowzone maximises the contact surface thereby reducing potential pressure concerns.

Self Levelling And Self Adjusting
A single cell of gel ensures there is free movement of fluid. However the sponge within the cell slows down the movement to avoid sea sickness. There is no pooling in any one area resulting in improved comfort and patient stability.

Maintenance Free
Because of the unique way it works there is no need to keep the gel cushion flat before use. At less than 6lbs Lowzone Gel is lighter than most fluid or gel systems.

Lowzone Economy Mobility Cushion
The Lowzone Economy cushion has one top layer of Lowzone and can be only used one way up. It is available in various sizes but only in a 3" height and with the Wipe clean cover.