Marsden M-210 Chair Scales

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Marsden M-210 Chair Scales

Marsden M-210 Chair Scales

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The Marsden M-210 Professional Chair Scale is a Class III approved chair scale suitable for bariatric patients, providing robust build quality and accurate results to GPs, hospitals and for home use.

With a capacity of 250kg, the scale is suitable for most patients, including bariatric patients. The M-210 is accurate to 50g, providing exceptionally precise results for you and your patient.


Easy to Use

The scale is also incredibly easy to use. With the patient's height entered using the full numeric keypad, the scale can calculate and display their BMI in seconds. The M-210 also features a rechargeable battery built-in, providing improved mobile use, and includes a mains adaptor for easy recharging.


High Quality Construction

Designed for long-term use, the M-210 scale features a high-quality construction to ensure durability. The chair scale is incredibly easy to use and to get in and out of, thanks to the hinged armrests and footrests. Brakes on the rear wheels helps ensure the attendant can always stay in control of the chair. For further ease of use, the M-210 features two large and clear screens – one for weight and one for height – making it easier to take down accurate readings. A tare function enables the chair scale to take into account clothing weight for more accurate readings, and a hold function holds the weight on the screen to enable you to easily take note of the measurement.



Hinged arms and footrests simplify entry and exit

Brakes on rear wheels make the chair easy to control

Capacity of 250kg suitable for bariatric patients

Accurate to 50g for precise weight measurement

Numeric keypad for entering patient height

Calculates BMI in seconds

Tare and hold functions for accurate measurements

Technical Specifications of the Marsden M-210 Professional Chair Scale



Capacity: 250kg

Graduations: 50g <150kg> 100g

Power: rechargeable battery/mains power

Seat size: 400 x 380mm

Weight of scale: 18kg


Optional Extras

Printer - The Marsden TP-2100 is a high resolution thermal dot printer to compatible with many Marsden medical scales, and prints date, time, weight, height and BMI.

Prints date, time, weight, height and BMI

Print-outs are high resolution and perfect for adding to a patient’s records, or for patients to take away after being weighed.

This printer is small enough to sit on a desktop adjacent to the scale.