ROHO Hybrid Select Cushion

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ROHO Hybrid Select Cushion

ROHO Hybrid Select Cushion

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The Hybrid Select is our most advanced hybrid cushion that provides you with superior positioning and stability, plus the ability to offload by simply removing the IT air insert. You can easily find the right position for optimal immersion and skin protection by utilizing the exclusive ISOFLO Memory Control. This technology allows you to set the amount of air in the three separate ROHO compartments—the removable IT insert and the dual-zone overlay. The Hybrid Select also uses the positioning capabilities of a contoured, high resiliency foam base with deep leg troughs to offer you support, lateral stability, and provide relief to the coccyx.


Key benefits:

Stabilizes and holds the position of your pelvis and thighs

Unique ROHO air cell design specifically crafted to work with the deeper curves of the contoured foam base

delivers skin and soft tissue protection, with optional offloading under the ischial tuberosities (ITs)

easy to set up.


Advanced hybrid seating with superior positioning

The innovative design of the Hybrid Select combines the positioning capability of a contoured foam base with the skin and soft tissue protection provided by an air-filled ROHO® overlay and removable IT insert for offloading capabilities.


Superior seating with Hybrid Select

The Hybrid Select pelvic loading area adjusts to your shape, weight, and positioning changes. The ROHO® overlay and IT insert utilizes the ISOFLO® Memory Control that allows you to easily find and set the right position each and every time. The Hybrid Select also has a new unique ROHO cell design specifically crafted to work with the deeper curves of the foam base to increase contact area and reduce pressure points.