Shieldwell Puncture Proof Solution

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Shieldwell Puncture Proof Solution

Shieldwell Puncture Proof Solution

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Flexel  Puncture Sealant

Flexel puncture sealant is the ideal tyre sealant to use in wheelchairs and mobility vehicles. Nothing could be more inconvenient that getting a puncture on a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Flexel puncture sealant ensures that a puncture doesn't leave you stranded! Flexel puncture sealant is able to seal non-treated tyres with punctures in the tread area quickly, allowing immediate use after re-inflation. 


  • The Flexel puncture sealant will seal holes up to 3mm in diameter within the treated area instantly.
  • One bottle contains 1 Litre of puncture sealant
  • Handy tube applicator
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all types of tyres
  • Instantly seals puncture holes
  • Prevents flat tyres
  • Flexel Puncture sealant does not contain latex. It is water based, contains antifreeze and rust inhibitors.
  • It is not Harmful to tyres and is water washable.