Triride High Power L16 Wheelchair Power Attachment

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Triride High Power L16 Wheelchair Power Attachment

Triride High Power L16 Wheelchair Power Attachment

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£4,895.00 with VAT relief
£5,874.00 Including VAT
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  • TR-SP-HP-L16


The High Power L16 version is very powerful with a high torque motor and is ideal for long journeys yet is easy to handle.

The High Power L16 model features a built-in computer controlled from a LCD display on the handlebar. The display gives information about mileage, day trip, battery charge and speed.




Cruise Control- Standard or upgrade to ACC

Assisted Load - Electronicaly lifts your castors off the ground

Electronic Brake

LCD Display

Lithium-ion battery without "memory effect” 

Tire selection: City or Cross 

Stainless steel frame

5 Speed levels

Two driving modes - Normal or Sport

180 degree turning radius for turning in compact spaces

Motion Direct Control Upgrade - Hill holder/start assist, Autocharge battery during braking



Motor High Tauque 1500W 

Weight: 12.5 Kg (Excluding battery and fixing kit)

48V Ion-lithium battery- without memory effect

50Km (30+ miles) range.

Driving wheel - 16 inch reinforced aluminium rim, with city or mountain bike tyres available.

90° turning radius: allows U-turning on the spot.



Level 1 = 4mph (pavements and bicycle lanes)

Level 2 = 8mph (public roads)

Level 3 – 5: for usage in private areas.


Optional Extras

Choice of frame colour - Black, White, Red, Blue, Polished, Carbon, Camouflage -Custom finish of your choice - Custom Laser engraving (on the steering column)

Choice of mudguard colour - Black, Blue, Orange, Green, light Blue.

Travel battery suitable for aeroplanes - 48V 5.2 A (249,6 W)

Extra front battery holder

T stand

Carry Bag

Hand control options available for tetraplegics


2 year guarantee on the frame (1 year for the battery and electrics)