Triride Special L14 Wheelchair Power Attachment

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VAT Exempt
Triride Special L14 Wheelchair Power Attachment

Triride Special L14 Wheelchair Power Attachment

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£4,750.00 with VAT relief
£5,700.00 Including VAT


The Triride Special L14 wheelchair power attachment has a more powerful motor which gives it great speed and offers smooth off roading capability. If you want your wheelchair power attachment to be able to tackle more hills and rougher, tougher terrain then this is the Triride model for you! It is also suited to larger users.

The Triride Special L14 model is equipped with a 14" front wheel so you can take you it anywhere including city streets, country paths and sand / snow along with steeper hills and rougher ground.




Cruise Control- Standard or upgrade to ACC

Assisted Load - Electronicaly lifts your castors off the ground

Electronic Brake

LCD Display

Lithium-ion battery without "memory effect” Powerfull disc brake

Tire selection: City or Cross 

Stainless steel frame

5 Speed levels

Two driving modes - Normal or Sport

180 degree turning radius for turning in compact spaces

Motion Direct Cotrol Upgrade - Hill holder/start assist, Autocharge battery during braking



Motor High Tauque 1500W 

Weight: 12.5 Kg (Excluding battery and fixing kit)

36V or 48V Ion-lithium battery- without memory effect

Maximum power 36V 1200W / 48V 1500W

50Km (30+ miles) range.

Driving wheel - 16 inch reinforced aluminium rim, with city or mountain bike tyres available.

90° turning radius: allows U-turning on the spot.


Level 1 = 4mph (pavements and bicycle lanes)

Level 2 = 8mph (public roads)

Level 3 – 5: for usage in private areas.


Optional Extras

Choice of frame colour - Black, White, Red, Blue, Polished, Carbon, Camouflage -Custom finish of your choice - Custom Laser engraving (on the steering column)

Choice of mudguard colour - Black, Blue, Orange, Green, light Blue.

Travel battery suitable for airoplanes - 36V 7A (252Wh)  - 48V 5.2A (249.6Wh)

Extra front battery holder

T stand

Carry Bag

Hand control options available for tetraplegics


2 year guarantee on the frame (1 year for the battery and electrics)