Fully Portable Hoist

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Fully Portable Hoist

Fully Portable Hoist

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£2,356.43 with VAT relief
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Foldable & portable person hoist with electrical hoisting.
The first person hoist that you can carry.
Imagine a person hoist, which does everything a good person hoist should do… and then a bit more.
A person hoist, which can be folded in seconds for easy & discreet storage, fits into the boot of a normal car, and can be carried as two backpacks weighing only 13 & 14 kg (28 1/2 & 31 lbs)

Rechargeable battery operated complete with battery charger.

Please note the bags now have two small wheels to enable the bags to be pulled along or carried and are black in colour. 

• Picks up from the floor. Hoisting range of 118 cm (47”)
• The chassis folds for easy storing when not in use.
• Can be assembled and disassembled without the use of tools.
• Can be carried effortlessly by one person.
• Fits into a normal size boot and may thus be used anywhere the need may arise.


Hoist assembled
Height 117-174cm (46-49")
Yoke - Lowest position 46cm (18")
Yoke - Highest position 162cm (64")
Width folded 28cm (11") Width outside 77.5cm (30 1/2")
Height of undercarriage 11.5cm (4 1/2")
Clearance of undercarriage 5.5cm (2.2")
Total weight 23.9kg (52.6lb)

Rechargeable Battery capacity 25 - 30 lifting cycles
Charging - Through hand control at external charging station 4 - 5 hrs

Length 113cm (44 1/2")
Width folded 22.5cm (9")
Outside width of legs open 77.5cm (30 1/2")
Inside width of legs open 66cm (26")
Weight 12.6kg (27.7lb)
Measurements in bag 118 x 26 x 26cm (46 x 10 x 10")
Weight in bag 14.3kg (31 1/2lb)

Hoisting Mast
Length 110cm (44 1/2")
Weight 11.3kg (24.9lb)
Measurements in bag 117 x 28 x 46cm (46 x 11 x 18")
Weight in bag 13.9kg (30.6lb)

Max user weight 130kg (286lb)

Please order slings seperately